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You are not seeing in duplicate, these are stereo pairs
which re-creates what you saw, it was 3D then and here it is again.

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Canadian Invasion

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March 14, 2010
Jump two (a crop-job, but,,, its part of the shot.)

(from video)(btw, the stills are in pairs, about twenty, 3mp each)
another vid-pair   One of the 3mp pairs   Link to a 3d anaglyph video.

This 3dvideo was partly made possible through free software called Stereo Movie Maker. Thanks you!

March 11,2010
larger image for parallel viewing

March 10, 2010
larger view

February 12, 2010
Climb to Altitude
to larger image to lager image

February 6, 2010

3D anaglyph link
anaglyph image

More feb. 6 dives are going >>>>>> to be here.

January 7, 2010

More to follow at this and other pages. Skydive Az Boogie 12-09

December 16, 2009
larger image larger anaglyph

December 19, 2009
link to larger image
link to red-cyan image 

 link to reg/cyan image

And that is just a portion of what was captured from those jumps.
Get them individually or as stereo pairs.

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