Para-az' Detachable Deployment Device system (3-D system) By dzparker

Deployment of canopy with paraaz-rds (one of many shots)

Picture of the automated version in mid deployment separation. I prefer the manual version.

Manual version of this system stays on top until you are ready to bring it down.

No involvement with the slider means no changes to canopy opening characteristics.

System is a special use design. Only manual version should be used for canopies that won't open on heading.

dzparker's (paraaz) Detachable Deployment Device System (DDDS) for parachutes

A removable deployment system device for special use to reduce drag upon ramair canopy or provide a retaining/control point for other deployment devices such as drogue, super-drogue, pilot chute and/or deployment bag

Date of development: September 27, 2010


Canopy side of system stays on top of canopy until released by pilot's input or mechanized input to accomplish release from canopy attachment

Connects easily between the pilot chute attachment point and attachment point of main canopy

Releases optional, either manually or automatic

automatic version or

manual activation by jumper

pilot's-side line remain across tail of canopy until released for tow and real-in for stowage by jumper

It is Removable for stowage of deployment system out of the airflow

pilot's-side towline attaches at two tow points near pilot

Attaches easily at riser's or to connector link ring or can be sewn to slider

Optional Slider involvement possible (but not advised)

3D system tows behind pilot when you want it to be there. Release before landing or stow away soon after opening.

Works with a variety of pilot chute types, (collapsible or non-collapsible) (but collapsible is recommended)

Line swivel optional to minimize twisting of tow line and bridle

Very simple to build, call for plans.

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