The EEze-Rise walker modification makes standing easier

Modify your walker to make standing much easier.
Your arms can provide assistance when standing, if they can be used in combination with body efforts.
Remember to consider center of gravity, balance and keeping your butt muscles in shape. They are your primary muscle for unfolding your torsos.
Even the bed-bound can excersie butt muscles.

Getting out of bed or up from a chair will be far less difficult, when approached from a corner and using the ladder-side walker.

I'm almost to the point of being able to show a full working prototype but I suspect you already
can imagine what modification needs to be done, it is a matter of finding the right parts in your scrap corner or hardware store.

In the meantime exercise them butt muscles. Torso unfolds with light resistance is the process for strengthening.
For the couch potato and bed bound, its the inverted version, on your back that is.

Larger Photo at this link.

And keep your eyes open for that middle rung which, in the proto-type image above, came from one of those old metal folding chairs and a tent pole as an OD sleeve. You can suspend and tie a rung in place or use some hardware items to secure that middle rung. A couple of hose clamps and a stand-off clamp were used in the prototype, but there a is trick for the front attachments, where it needs to rotate, here you'll use the standoff bracket and a clamp for it to rest on, one rides atop the other.
The welded version elimates the standoff clamp and is more rugged and highly recommended.

Now the usage of this requires some carefull use of balance, coordination and managing your center of gravity (cg). Just like climbing a ladder, yet in this application you are using your hands, you will probably skip a rung as you raise yourself but before you get there you'll want to position yourself at the corner of the bed or chair. Bring the walker into place as close as possible, lean forward and grab the lowest rung, push yourself up and then lean onto one arm as you reposition the other hand to the next rung and shift your weight to that arm while pushing up with torso-unfolding muscles and repositioning the other to the next rung.

Contact me for more details and onsite modification or demonstration.