The pattern of Hurricane activity in reference to the Moon's orientation.

As of August 30, 2008 the pattern of hurricane activing in direct relationship with the moon's stationing at either the full moon or new moon position continues. Landfall in the u.s. seems very consistent with lunar orientation upstream or downstream of the earth. This is a curious pattern that has been observed, by me, back as far as the late 90's but others have also made this correlation.
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Hurricane season seems to kick into high gear after the summer solstice but early spring storms are not unusual. Spring in the u.s. is primarily frequented with tornadic activity and it also seems to have some correlation with the moon's location but that will not be discussed here. Hurricanes will be the subject of this section because they have a characteristic appearance that my be telling of a much larger mechanism influencing their timing and the electric universe connection. Have you ever looked at a picture of a spiral galaxy and a hurricane, side by side? Scientists tuned into Plasma cosmology are certain that Birkeland are involved in the ratation of solar systems and galaxies and these Birkeland currents represent rivers of electromagnetic energy between distant locations in space. These Birkeland currents have been seem and measured within our solar system and it is this activity that may be worth greater attention in how it might influence weather activity here on earth. An earth-sun and an earth-moon connection has been recently measured and this type of connection is not gravitational but within the realm of plasma activity and it electrical component. Venus has a significant electromagnetic tail in the form of a Birkeland current, this tail might, under certain circumstances, reach deep within the earth's plasma environment but there are more recent discoveries that go beyond the obvious tail-type interactions between planets. There appear to be regions of activity between the sun and earth which are clear indication of an electrical component. These are being considered for their potential effect on weather patterns, but more specific to this section, severe storms such as hurricanes.
This invisible activity in the form of Birkeland currents lay, as lines to be crossed, throughout the universe as well as the solar system, these are line that are not just stationary, or static, they have a rotational characteristic and are described as twisted ropes , They can drive a galaxy so I would expect that if a planet were to cross one of these it may have some influence that leaves a mark on its plasma environment. Our atmosphere is classified as a plasma and may be affected by surrounding activity in the same way a plasma ball shows external activity despite being a contained environment. We also need look no further than the aurora to see influence from beyond the ionosphere. Earth's ionoshpere may transmit large electrical activity outside that layer to the electrical environment within.
Where these ropes lay in space will probably be more clear as more data gets collected but i wouldn't expect them to be stationary like those seen at galactic scale. Solar systems are far smaller so on a day to day basis movement is more perceived and so these invisible currents may wander around as the space environment leads them. The sun-earth connection is not the only one to consider, we also have to consider those between the giant outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn. It is interesting to note that during the 2008 outbreaks of hurricanes earth was passing out of the electromagnetic zone of interaction between the Sun and Jupiter while Mercury, Venus were moving in. Think of it visually in what you would see as metal filing are placed between two magnets, the arcs from the sides of the magnets represent the zone on influence. It is these zones that may be a prime location for Birkelund current ropes that, when crossed, cause changes to the electrical characteristics of the crossing body. This may be further supported by the realization that this years tornado outbreak also coincided with the earth's passage between the sun and Saturn. What my be the real clincher is how the lunar orientation conpared to the occurance of these other storms.
Time will tell as more measurements are taken and evaluated from a plasma cosmology perspective. In the meantime there is another aspect of the timing of hurricanes which may not be too far removed from Birkeland currents, if the orbital dynamics can be exposed as a component of electrical behavior rather than gravity alone.

The orbital dynamics i'm refering to is earth's tilting from solstice to solstice and the moons varience in its orbital plane. As i mentioned earlier the height of the hurricane season occures as the moon is about to cross the orbital plane. To me this sound like allot of tugging or pulling, or better yet, interaction in an electrical sense. The various movements experienced between the earth and moon alone are not entirely understood by me as a consequence of difference in thought between gravity alone and Electric Universe perspectives. It is this conflict of explanation that gives me reason to look beyond a terrestrial explanation for hurricanes and wonder about the contributing, or driving, factors related to tilting and orbital variations. There os good reason to suspect