Behind this 3D project is the desire to generate interest in 3D photography and the hope to raise funds to further the research of the Electric Universe. That is being done through experiments involving the formation of electric discharge features on dust covered CRT surfaces.

The larger aspect of the Electric Universe subject is gaining scientific evidence which re-enforces the need to regard ancient myths and legends for their value in understanding human and celestial history. They describe the catastrophic period of human history, between aprx. 3,500bc & 10,000bc, when the solar system was being rearranged, the earth was regularly involved in dramatic electrical interaction with other bodies in our celestial neighborhood and the human population was reacting with fear to the terrors of those times, relating to the physical world around them in a manner that distracted them from rememberence of the former time and all that it ment to mankind, a time of peace and harmony.

You can support this project through the images you like.
If you have an interest in photography, or for whatever reason, you can obtain a full set of the images from your jump to develop into what your interests might be. All i ask is a donation to the cause and remembering the source if a check clears.
Thank you!

And in all this, May the Lord Jesus be glorified for his role in my life.

Contact me to see more images or to obtain a 3D viewer for side-by-side images.