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Abstract Fabrication

Imagining the possibilities for innovative alternative options & solutions

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Here are some obscure examples:

Modular van variation Directory

Mobility Modifications
EEze-rise walker
ladder-side modification
Cargo trailer Mod

Aft sub-deck slide-out
Extend the useful space of a trailer's interior

Transport drawer, for yard trailer or ramp.
Modular Van

Tube re-sizer/OD Hone
I took out the window AC unit for cleaning today and launched a space making idea Window-wing slideouts. Window boxes,, what a concept, in style yesterday, why not today? Think about all the potential uses and things that you don't want in your central closets.
What about your plants? Wouldn't a skyward view be appealing to them? And for you, a place to keep your toes warm.
The possibilities are as diverse as your imagination and a potential functionality for expanding needs. Re-orient your windows to capture the breeze or the sun or store your travel gear for that great escape. Modularize your home for ease of transport.
There is good reason why RV slideouts are the rage they give you more floor space inside.


Box-van mod, Maybe for the new owner.
Somebody liked this and it is GONE.
One of my all time favorite vehicles and a great work-shop on wheels
has been re-assigned for that function, aft door mod included.

The box's walls were so soundly build that i could not bring myself to cut a side door hole or windows through them so the dual swing-out aft door frames were designed with capability of swinging a side door into place to interlock with the aft door panel. The side door has a dual direction swinging capability by either swinging the entire frame or just the door within its normal frame. It would have worked even better if i had put the support frame on a stand-off from the trucks primary door frame. Side access was accomplished in addition to an aft swing-up door or side swinging panel, accomplishing a concelment-wall to extend the truck's left wall back 6 feet for ground-level work or deck-usage. This was all a part of an aft pullout modual which was not pictured but had slideout capability to either its own support frame or to the deck of a trailer. I would have done more with this had physical mobility limitiation at the time not interfered.
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