Product Review: Aiptek 3D camcorder/camera ,,, Not Favorable

The item i received was defective,,, it had a large dead spot in the LCD screen.

This device promotes the use of shutter technology for normal-size screen viewing. It appears to make other more simple viewing methods cumbersome. 3D Shutter technology should be avioded, it will melt your brain. See Pokeman incident on line.

Software? Does not facilitate the restoration of the side-by-side video or photo file into a normally proportioned file. It is advertised as viewable on a normal 2D screen as a half-screen side by side but they don't say that the image is distorted vertically to accomlish this. Vertical distortion spoils the image value. The conversion of those files into red/cyan anaglyph does not help restore both files into a normal size or appearance, except if viewed in that manner, seperating those images into something useful isn't an option.
Editing video file with the software appears to have the capability of snipping video length but that feature did not work.

See a comparison image here

Side by side format distorted, compressed sideways and not displayed otherwise on HDMI device or computer.

Anaglyph conversion: Files are not recognized when transfered back to device.

Paralax barrier screen: Sort of works but not nearly as portrayed in advertisements. Screen use outdoors is difficult making the capability to view 3D content non-existant.

Powered playback: A person might think that a 200$ camera could manage the capability to playback or record while external power is conected,,, and you'ld be wrong to think that for the Aiptek Ddd11x (Ape Tech A real monkey's butt of a camcorder/camera.