Here is a curious word; Estoppel.
You'll want to consider its application.
Strangely, its a stand-alone word, no synonyms listed.
Here is why we must make a reservation of rights.
[UCC-1-207(repealed 2004)]Replaced by 1-308.
The concept behind this word is stiffling.
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Affidavit Of Sovereignty to get free of the FRN [Federal debt(Reserve) Note] trap  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Contact!!!
Watch out for spinning props
Did you know,,,,,

the biggest multi-national corporation in the world is known as "District of Columbia" (per a little known piece of legislation; 16 Stat, 419* Established: Effective June 1, 1871, by an act of February 21, 1871 (16 Stat. 419), abolishing the Corporations of the City of Washington, DC, and Georgetown, DC, and the Levy Court of Washington County, DC; and replacing them with a municipal corporation known as the District of Columbia. Source: National Archives

So does that make us corporate entities as citizins of the United States?
check this out.

Here are some web pages, in some form of order for probably being straight forward in detail, and below this the updates. There's a lot more to know on this subject and i will add more as i find the links, especially the one on the fraudulant government and how use of FRN(Federal Reserve Notes) equates to an international transaction with its domestic, we also are accepting in contract form the obligation to pay back the national/internation debt by using their currancy. A video call Zeitgeist addendum2008 contains some detail that you'll want to hear about the federal reserve bank and the currency they issue. That same video also attempts to explain religion but fails to understand the actual origins, for some of those details refer to but they also go astray through bias for their world view.

Discussion On Court Challenges.

A recent find that looks informative

At this link may be answers to many of our questions and it appears to be free information.

Know what you are but there is much more to this, so read the discussion at this link for various opinions which i am investigating. And then refer back to the the actual code wording

Go to the root of this site and find much more detail about your name, birth cirtificate and more.

The next ones may have some varied content, so the UCC details are all i'm pointing out in these pages.

This is a blog entry from page 7 on the feb3 2009 ( quite interesting

an example of the affidavit

scan down the next page to "white paper on citizinship" 1/4ish down. There is a chilling statement about use of the Federal Reserve Note, (this is unverified by me)
Some of the web addresses do not go where the address suggests. (domain?)

end of this thread is real interesting and clarifies the rest.

this is of historical interest,, not ucc stuff

With reference to the UCC,, i rhed that a very readable version is, I think, the anderson 3rd edition.

Updates (newest to oldest)

This is the page that goes into FRN and their implication,, or so they say.. and there are some cool links.. the site is that of a claravoiant,, so here my red flags go into full flap-check.. don't want to crash on her ship

This link seems to be profit oriented and somewhat of a wading buck-bog.
I've heard that for-hire preperation of documentation is somewhat suspect
i wonder if this would qualify for that catagory