Set your monitors side by side with this content showing on the left screen

Open the links for viewing in a minimized window.
If necessary slid that window to the right of your screen.
Each link is assigned to open in the same window,
so these links may remain visible behind the viewing window.
You will need to have your windows sized the same and aligned as best you can.
Your Eyes have the ability to fix some alignment issues but
viewing is easier when a little extra attention is given to these details.

image 21 ap30rcv-gplft21-s47.jpg

image 25 ap30rcv-gplft25-s47.jpg

image 26 ap30rcv-gplft26-s47.jpg

image 29 ap30rcv-gplft29-s47.jpg

image 30 ap30rcv-gplft30-s47.jpg

image 31 ap30rcv-gplft31-s47.jpg

image 33 ap30rcv-gplft33-s47.jpg