Gift2go horror stories
Had an unpleasent experience brought on by the use of a giftcard at a merchant who didn't release the hold? Do tell.
Entry for July 2, 2008

As I continue to seek a resolution option to get the hold removed from the funds of this card I am begining to get the impression that much of the blame for this charge being stuck in a pending status rests on Hampton Inn's procedures and their reluctance to move outside the box to fix these charges. Hampton Inn has been asked to backtract and reprocess the charge and then credit it back rather than just cancel the charge which places it in limbo until the credit card issuer initiates an automatic removal, which could take a long time in the case of gift2go.

  As mentioned earlier Hampoton Inn did not even tell me that they had placed a hold on the funds, all they did was give me a blank bill which reflected no charges whatsoever, they didn't even inform me about the 15% charge associated with some aspect of the charge.  Customers of Hampton Inn should beware of how their funds are accessed through their credit cards especially in the catagory of incidental charges and percentages for using a credit card seems required. 

2008-07-03 01:33:26 GMT