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Had an unpleasent experience brought on by the use of a giftcard at a merchant who didn't release the hold? Do tell.
Entry for July 1, 2008
There are two sides of this story, the Hampton Inn aspect which is where the problem started and the gift2go side where this card issuer has set up its procedures to not leave any capability to determine if the merchant has taken appropriate actions in charging the credit. Other debit cards have a timeframe that is reasonable before they remove unclaimed charges. I am told that lifting the pending status can only occur at the merchant but the card issuer should make disputes possible from day one of any charge. The delay which is created by a charges pending status appears to make the card user vulnerable to missuse of their card by the merchant.
2008-07-02 01:16:07 GMT
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The gift2go card issuers are taking acvantage of the normal procedure of merchents to ping the card with a verification charge, also called a ghost charge. The ghost charge is listed on the users history of the web site but the authorization charge made by Hampton Inn is not possibly because the charge was canceled. The cards intended use was to cover incedental charges, specifically any phone calls. There were no call so the card use, or charge, was supposedly canceled. There was no indication on the incedental charges receipt of any charge to the card and nothing was mentioned by the clerk about the authorization charge of $20.00 plus a fee of 3.00. In the opinion of one debit card issuing bank this mystery charge amounts to fraud. Another strike against Hampton Inn. Still, the card issuer does not provide any propmpt procedure to dig into a charge and expedite release of the funds that have not been claimed even though they refund ghost charges in several business days. So canceled charges are the weekness of these cards and render them highly vulnerable to loss of funds for an extended period, a bogus feature of these cards. Walgreens should not be offering this defective produce. dzp
2008-07-02 03:45:29 GMT