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The relationship between magnetic field strength and the Electric Current that generates it are in direct proportion to current strenght. Reduced current = reduced em-field. Keep this in mind as it may relate to the current disruption model mentioned below.

Electrical scarring throughout the historical period is expanded upon here too to consider mysterious events such as
one which happened at Tunguska- region, Russia in 1908. Varied explanations are available.
Related Factors: Solar Eclipse, Solar maximum, Venus passage, Solar current disruption, Kimberlite site, and Atmospheric luminance, amoung other less obvious ones.

Alfven's Book Cosmic Plasma Fig. I.4 The dualism of Plasma Physics.

Planetary alignments can lead to Electrical interactions between planets

new info and tidbits
Kinderlite field
Cluster quartet and Sub-storms
Where does all the energy of these sub-storms go?

Tunguska's 7 minute Streak of Blue

The Following i a contribution from Barry S.....
I recall from my reading that one of the eye-witnesses claimed they could see a blue streak traveling through the sky about 7 minutes before the discharge hit.
This means it could not have been a meteor or asteroid. It does not take them 7 minutes to get through our atmosphere to hit the surface.
Is it likely that they may have seen the discharge bolt traveling from Venus to Earth?


Geomagnetic Pulsations And Tunguska-1908 PHENOMENON
Old link-- (http://www.congrex.nl/09c24/S4_Posters/S4_P08_German_paper.pdf--refered-by: GaryN. TB.i Frm)
With much of this hypothisis being non-electrical it does refer to details that could end up as
significantly electro-dynamic in their cause, even mentioning sub storms and orbital relationships of moon, sun and earth
but overlooking venus who's tail sweeps near earth's plasmasphere.

Current disruption as a cause of across-tail interaction takes on a interesting dimension in light of all the planets upstream of earths plasma sphere. Consider for a minute a change to the external properties of our tail's sheath and the consequences for the interior layer of this Double-Layer structure.
(a dz-visualization/speculation) Would the interior layer fall into the influence of the earth's electrical potential?

Current disruption -as a cause of across-tail interaction- takes on a interesting dimension in light of all the planets upstream of earths plasma sphere during June 1908.

Other views of solar-system hours prior complements of Solar System live
Several hours earlier (26+/-) a minor eclipse occured for the north.

Another perspective offered at this link with much detail.

In our timeframe, typical electrical events are tame by comparison to those described in ancient legends.
There are indications from references to the Tower of Babel destructions which suggest an electrical discharge played a role in its distruction. This is important because we must ask: how would our ionosphere interact with all that is below; in the absence of mountains would storms rise to the levels we see now, and would the ionosphere become supercharged? ....Ref..... ref-pdf.
We must ask ourselves: has our world changed dramatically in some way?
We have only recently seen that electrical events reach beyond our local atmosphere into near space. We should then ask:
have our local electrical events always been what we see now and if changes have occured in the not so distant past?
How would our planet's electrical and weather enviornment change if there were no mountains? We cannot assume they've always been at tall as they are,, why,, because there are indications to support that suggestion.

From electrical discharge experiments with CRTs many features have been made but the most amazing results came when topographical alterations were added. The crt surface became dramatically interactive turning mild electrical discharge conditions into painfully far more intense conditions.

It is from this development and recent discoveries of electrical sub storm activity in earth's tail region that brings about further expansion of this tunguska page. Stay tuned for further explanation of developments and thoughts on this subject.

We have been told that in the begining the earth was without form and void. To this thought i have heard numereous explanations but one stands out, that mountains did not exist and subteranian regions were abundant. Native americans report that their ancestors saw the rising of the mountains, and from the freshness of their appearance i would be inclined to believe them even if it doesn't fit into gradualist dogma. Historical records talk of significant catastrophic events in recent human history and there are many reasons to entertain how dramatically the earth's surface could have been changed in those events. Fair consideration of the ancient record of the gods warring in the heavens with lightning and fire has not ocurred until recently.
The Thunderbolts Project is one group that has carried the ancient record forward into a scientific investigation which includes plasma cosmology. Many detail of our past are emerging, from the fog of predjudice and obscurity, to describe recent human history as miraculas preservation through catastrophic event which changed this planet and the solar system it occupies.

My usage of the term Sub Storm may need to be changed since i'm beginning to see that the explanations are painted to cover a broader scope of activity than i would intend for the term sub storm. I am applying the term sub storm to only describe interaction between the exterior and interior of a celestial bodies tail region and the body itself, principly Earth's but most certainly this will expand to other planets and probably moons, comets and asteroids in a scaled down sense.
Since charged particles are carried in the solar wind, and those particles do not pass through the earth, then they must form a cone structure that develops a charge differential between the interior and exterior of the tail region. Probably a consequence of plasma sheath process called a double-layer(DL). Electrical breakdown can occur across a DL. The dynamics is not as simple as air flowing around a ball in flight because we must include the sunward flow of current and other dynamics associated with space plasma.

ESA's Two Dimensional Animation of sub storm event. (MHD perspective)
As a side note
Remember the time of this event, we were in the early stages of electrical developments, Tesla was conducting his experiments and what that might imply needs careful consideration. If earth's protective plasma sheath were to be compromised at a less-than desirable time, just what could happen, in an electrical sense?    
Various models being presented
a 'current disruption model' and a 'reconnection model'
this second model may emerge from
magnetohydrodynamic(MHD) theory
which may come up short in describing
the behavior of plasma.
Both models end up claiming magnetic
reconnection as a 'process'.
Avalanche Model
This also seems to apply
MHD theory but is deep
with obscure terminology

Forum discussion that includes mention of current disruption Theory

As i study several explanations of sub storms i find myself asking if a thorough understanding of electrical/plasma theory is being applied or if old ideas about an electrically neutral space enviornment dominate evaluatation of data points. We need to remind ourselves of the discoveries surprise and challenge former ideas of our space environment. Magnetohydrodynamics(MHD) is being replaced by theories that consider the electro-dynamics of plasma.

Scientists too often portray themselves as sophisticated and pure so who do we trust? We can be sure of one thing, wherever money, influence and fame dominate decision making, the truth will be twisted to favor preservation of control over established institutions. America is desparately in need of de-institutionalization, wolves are feeding on the minds and hearts of the people. We can see this in law, medical care, housing and politics. Complexity has created a fog that overshadows simple principles keeping people from comprehension by obscuring the language used to explain basic processes.


vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Under revision in light of observational error at a Mars feature elsewhere vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Lichtenberg Figure Look-alikes

Imaged below is the Tunguska Event region.
Might this be traces of a Lightning Bolt from Below?
(arrow points to purported impact.) (note dimple at left edge)
credit: Google Earth and FrdJ.
Credits: NASA/MOC and M.Gm

Unmistakable similarities to note are the tendrils which extend from a focal point which is the exit point of the charged bodies discharge, as seen in labratory experiments with charged blocks of acrylic. The image above on the right is from Mars and shows dendritic drainage pattern that may be influenced by electrical events. Properties of the discharge location may also accumulate material. The images far below also share some features seen above. They were created during a burst of electric energy between an energized crt screen and my finger. Many similar patterns share by Mars feature could point to a burst of electrical energy at macro proportion. The tunguska event is likely a close cousine. But the Mars feature may not be electrically formed, time and further observation will tell.

Lichtenberg features have both negative and positive relief capabilities, so the river tributaries of the Tunguska region may be following the paths of ancient discharges. Mountain ridges can also possess an overall Lichtenberg characteristic which my also point to being electrically formed. Evaluation of which might apply to the Tunguska region is ongoing.

Letter 2 editor drafts and references

An interesting note on the Tunguska event is the close timing to the event of the moon's passage between Venus' electromagnetic Birkeland tail (which tickles earth's plasmasphere) and the earth. Other considerations will be added shortly and linked to this page, but this last item is just an observation and may be irrelevant.
Additionally, I'm not suggesting that all these are from one event,or even from any in modernity, only that their appearance suggests being electrically formed, this location may have experienced a repeat-discharge in 1908. As discussed in the paper below, the region is a Kimberlite field.

Material streamed from my finger to these tendrils.

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