The linked images are side-by-side stereo images and viewable
with a box viewer

More about 3D viewing

v-en6231-32z directory v-en6072 rt89a-v138.214sbs
rodvlt-3161-62 12 13 v-en6071 15
rsv3167-68 17 18 v-en6070 20
rsvt3163-64 rt89a-westside
v-en6054 v-en6055 v-en6056 v-en6057 v-en6060
v-en6061 v-en6062 v-en6063 v-en6073 v-en6074
v-en6212-13 v-en6221-22 v-en6223-24 v-en6226-27 v-en6231-32w40

Many more images yet to be prepared for presentation.