Remembering Near-Earth plasma manifestations/displays in our ancient past through modern aurora examples <br>Aurora begins to form a Picket Fence appearance which has the potential to occupy the entire half-shell of the sky,, as was seen during the Halloween Superstorm of 2003.

Update: March 25,2023
Aurora begins to form a Picket Fence appearance which has the potential
to occupy the entire half-shell of the sky,, as was seen during the Halloween Superstorm of 2003.

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For further reading on the importance of these visual clues,,, read on further here at:

Update 11/6/2019:
This image of an 1872 display captured by Etienne Trouvelot is the closest example i've found so far of what i failed to capture on that night in 2003.

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More Picket-fence examples from early 2018
April 10 Nome, Ak ---- March 18 Denmark ---- Within Corona display, March 14 Norway

Somewhat Related 2017 Development from Experiments

Lightening Scarred Earth Video:Thunderbolts Project

Potentially Supporting Experiments

Update 2018 Narrowing Event Timing

Our best clues to Earth's history come from legends, forwarded from Ancient Cultures, mixed with near-earth-plasma dynamics

For examples of extreme celestial visuals spoken of in legends, an Image stream from October 30, 2003 could be assembled from pages 3&on. While the descriptions fill in and verify details i've described from my viewing location, describing the illumination of earth's electro-magnetic field lines (cage) seen clearly during this event, these still fall short of the ancient drama described in worldwide legends.
The X-11 and X-17 solar events similar to THIS IMAGE were described here,,, but NASA took the page down.. Here is the archive site for that day. Additional video
From one of the conference presentations, at Suspicious Observer's video page for the 2018 conference, the Halloween Solar Storm is described from a technical perspective.

Rock art from Australia seems to be portraying a Picket Fence Aurora event with additional elements which could be an aspect of
the "Whale Tail Display" mentioned later on this page.


Plasma Discharges Recorded in Ancient Petroglyphs (Plasmaglyphs)(Thunderbolts Project)
Image also used in Symbols of an Alien Sky (at 19m50s)

Image of Terrella Experiment of Kristian Birkeland 1908+/-
Found in Wal Thornhill's book, but compared with a Sun image

Across the bottom of this image i've placed text not in the original image. My suggestion that the lower features represent Picket-fence aurora display, in this rock art depiction of near-earth plasma events, could have another explanation, based on features seen in Terrella Experiments. The equatorial pillars seen there have an asymmetry which is similar to that seen in this rock-arts lower features. These plasma columns could have been what was described as Cherubim or Serafim or the flaming swords of the Biblical story of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. They were placed to the east to guard or block entry. Now imagine the Earth with a slight shift in its axis such that the Atlantic basin is more of an equatorial orientation. Plasma columns are electrical discharges and can be intense enough to be in Arch mode, lightning-like. In dark mode discharges move material quite easily by the field strength, even making craters, such as those found presently near the shore-line in Alaska at the arctic circle. Arc mode can burn, melt and dislodge rock and cause trenching. Such a discharge to this planet's crust could weaken it and set it up for failure.. See the results via Hydroplate Theory

Recent item:(Coupling Currents)

Old Update: Terms being added; Illuminated tail filaments, Sky-columns, Isolated Aurora Arc, Picket-fence aurora, and Aurora-sprites(
described as 'Auroral pillars' by the old Corliss, from his book _Lightning, Auroras_, etc. (1982)ref. At present, only the picket-fence aurora term fully satisfies the visual manifestation imaged below. Specifics of the other manifestations exclude them as uniquely different in location and behavior.
Newest find 9/29/17
new-found image -- and another

WIPP's Permanent Marker System
a modern petroglyph project

Personal note

This page is an effort to introduce the value of mythology toward understanding history. The links provide source info and i add some suggested avenues of investigation related to a centuries-long effort which amounts to a reconstruction of history through the inclusion of evidence left for us from early times and peoples, even their ancient legends.
What of these details may be useful in our time will depend on receptiveness to important considerations that are being excluded from examination or distorted by influences which view religious stories in isolation from influential natural factors which in modern times are not widely experienced, as they were before the axial-age.
---Note continued at end of page with a link for clues on American's Ancient past from Native American sources.---

Cosmic-plasma in Mythology, as clues to our catastrophic past

Amidst the western confusions is the insidious idea, from colonizer's, that legends offer no scientific clues to mankind's past. Couched in gradualism's great resistance to catastrophism, racist-dogma have replaced honest scholarly investigation, which are still unable to understand the evidence of the mytho-catastrophic past, described in detail through ancient legends.
The 2003 occurrance of Earth's enhanced aurora, sufficient to cause Illuminated Tail Filaments, should've resulted in broad re-examination of the marginalization of legends among western academia, especially with regard to legends identifying Venus as the comet with long flowing hair, the fiery comet. Venus still has a plasma tail which is in dark mode, like ours is normally, except back in 2003 when its illuminated filaments streaming away from the sun displayed their presence all the way to zenith over central Arizona before midnight. (depicted below)
Revealing video's on youtube
Imaged above is a paste-over approximation of a 2003ish Rayed-Aurora over Arizona..
It looked like a White Picket fence across the northern horizon, climbing to the zenith overhead,, the picket Fence was not rooted in colors like the image above,, it was rooted in a dark horizon.. A very distinguished curvature of the picket fence revealed that it was circling the northern hemisphere,,, almost like half of a Cage or a fan as shown in the Etruscan sculpture below.

Like the Lotus-blossom, aurora-like features are found in representation on ancient temples (Taj Dome and Spires) and ancient artwork.

But the ones most reflective of the Rayed (Picket-Fence) aurora
are the Gorgon Ruler Medusa(below) and this other Etruscan variation >>at right>>

Notice the snake-like hair.
It also could be a representation of Curtains of Aurora
These Etruscan sculptures
combine an ancient face with what might be
a modern manifestation of Picket-Fence Aurora


Find similar characteristics here (closest found)   and   shown in this video segment.
Notice over-reaching filaments of left image from Birkeland's Terrella Experiment  - Pederson Currents Imaged here

These rare occurrences in modern times provide us clues to what could have aided in the longevity of myths and legends
which "DO MAKE REFERENCE" to more dramatic plasma events in ancient times(RvdS) , when catastrophic events -from irregular movements of planets, brought confusion, destruction and chaos upon mankind, and the planets involved- gave rise to the myth-making epoch and a wound to mankind's thinking that only the Creator Himself could heal, addressing fear and the misdirected rituals to appease those fears.

Modern reminders: Note shape of Earth's Cusp-region[A] & compare to images below from 11:40 & 74 Min Whaledreamers Docmtry - Trailer
Dense white rays(Nrwy) -  Tall white rays(Mi) - (2)  -  High blue Rays(SoCal) - Embedded white rays  -  White on red (Utah)(2)  - white-rays(Nbrska)

Notable events One Comprehensive Source
Artsy embellishments contemporary to Carrington Event 1859 Zenith Rays mentioned during Affairs in France 1872 letter #1

Alfven's DL& circuits 1986(large pdf)  -  Peratt on near-earth plasma & IEEE petroglyphs paper  -  [A]Animation of Auroral Horn  -  Sun man article 2013(Rens van der Sluijs)  -  [*****]Underworld by Graham Hancock

One aurora type, a corona aurora, was mentioned to me in comparison to the feature depicted above(which could compare to rays of the sun at dawn and dusk) but has only partial similarity to the suggested Corona Aurora which radiate in all directions from a central point overhead. Half of a corona-aurora would be the equivalent to the Rayed-aurora above but they are probably not the same circuit. The rayed-aurora above may have been the result of sub-storm activity and inbound current from south to north through the ionosphere as Pederson currents or outreaching from an isolated-arc, now called STEVE.(2018 update)
The rayed-aurora can be compared to several different features seen associate with legends or as rock art. There are a few cases of ancient depictions which could be compared with the crown-corona. So this might give the hint of a useful distinction, once mythical references are accepted as being a commentary of sky-ward plasma-dramas, as some should. One that comes to mind is Spider woman of Navajo legend. One legend refers to this character as "she who sits at the great galactic center, but this source has not yet been cross-checked and has some questionable content." Another source shows a mural from the Tepantitla compound who's central figure's headdress and other details share some similarities to the skyward drama depicted above.
The Rayed aurora is more like the appearance of the clam shell seen with the Birth of Venus story. It does not look like the crown aurora and might be thought of as more similar to the image above than the crown corona in its directional detail and others too.

(Update 2018) Maori Face painting and a skirt design used for a traditional performance have much in common with Auroral Display. One of their legends refers to the Aurora Australius. Watch FNX sponsored local Broadcasts for the best overall content from First-Nations groups worldwide. PBS world is also contributing details important to realizing the value of the ancient story and cultural details which colonization still tries to suppress.

A thoroughly notable legend comes from Australia's Mirning people who provide us with the Whaledreamers legend-1:26min which might be directly referencing an illumination (which seems possible [#1]) of boundary layer where Earth's cusp region resides, during extreme near-earth plasma events triggered by solar outburst or other causes. (Think of it as a Jacobs Ladder)
(note): Observations of activity involving adjacent celestial bodies in a system arrangement different than todays has also been proposed for decades and may not be unrealistic or entirely excluded from consideration.

[#1] Jeff Ransom's book: Aurora, Petroglyphs and Pagans.
on page 8, wrt: Fig. 1-4, Earths Cusp region, he states that:
"Sections of the funnel could be visible in many parts of the world because of light emission by the plasma."

> >
Full length Film available through: Vimeo on Demand & or View Trailer on Youtube

A look at some of the varied studies of ancient History from a Mytho-Catastrophist Perspective  -  Martian Metamorphoses  -  The Many Faces of Venus  -  Retrocalculation and more
Mars/Earth Interactions  -  Electric-Cosmos(&Sky)  -  Electric Universe  -  Ancient American Magazine  -  Hydroplate Theory
The old Red Land to the east spoken of by Native Americans, it also sank into the sea, (ref: Native American Myths and Mysteries)
Thunderbolts Project

This page is an attempt to build a bridge framed by the limits of what we observe today and drafted, beyond our imagination, to establish an appreciation of what ancient cultures experienced. Those drafting lines are laid down by modern researchers in plasma physics through their introduction of electro-dynamics toward explaining the manifestations of cosmic-plasma in mythology and through-out the universe.

As a student on a path of learning, it is my hope to share with you what has penetrated my ignorance during the years of exposure to this subject through publications and discussions with researchers.

The suggestion of "Cusp-boundary illumination" is at this time only a personal proposal inspired by the graphic representation seen in many technical sources but never (to my knowledge) directly associated to the Mirning Legend and the Whale-tail representation used to depict their perspective of the sky-ward drama. Illumination of Earth's polar horn or other near-earth plasma phenomena are well developed as plausible and advancing as explanations for many legends and their associated symbols, so as understanding increases of the possible behavior of our near-earth plasma environment so too will clarity in our understanding increase toward the clues left for us by ancient peoples, if we remain open to their messages preserved within their cultures for a very long time.

This Sub-storm animation may offer a visual clue to this puzzle. Do note that magnetic-reconnection has been said to be a misnomer/fiction [D.E.Scott 2006][4]. Possibly, a better description may be a short-circuit between deflected lobes of the polar horns. But we may gain a better sense of possibilities from one of Birkeland's experiments with his Terrella apparatus. In that experiment a torroid formed around the equator and out of that torroid emerged filamentry fingers which reached out toward upper latitudes for contact with the magnetized sphere, differentiating themselves one from another. Image link to Wal Thornhill's page, also see book: Electric Universe Page61.

Might've the auroral event, depicted above, revealed something about earth's plasmasphere similar to what Kristian Birkeland produced ? [5] Could that same equatorial-torroid emission reach far enough pole-ward to connect visually with the polar-ring?
Could these emissions also influence the atmosphere along the equator in a visible way such as producing severe storms or luminous columns?
The ionosphere is a current carrying double layer so leakage across it, between polar field-aligned currents [4] (aka) (coupling currents) and outreaching equatorial torroid-filaments, may not be an unrealistic expectation.
With the day-side cusp providing a direct link of IMF to the ionosphere and existing in the gap between polar field-align currents and equatorial radiation belt, does there exist the possibility for illumination across the cusp between current carrying regions?
So off i go to find out how Pederson Currents might figure into all this.
There are more clues here on Pederson Currents.

Related Topic: Electrodynamically Sculpted Planets, Moons, Asteroids and Comets

References: [1][1.1][2]Cosmic Plasma, Hannes Alfven; Physics of the Plasma Universe, Anthony L. Peratt [1992]; [4]D.E.Scott, The Electric Sky Pg120. Exact words: "Appallingly mistaken notion";, Rens van der Sluijs; , Many more to be added or already mentioned above. [5]Image source: The Electric Universe, Wal Thornhill [*****]Underworld by Graham Hancock

Continuation of personal note

Distortions of history have been orchestrated by conventional-thinkers who's political goals follow those behind the Doctrine of Discovery, provided to colonists to allow them exploitation rights. In modern times, a hint of opposition has developed towards maintenance or a return of people to spiritual and cultural sensitivity, a Creator, or the Great Spirit of Native experience, who's Healer is reported to have walked among all the people, even here in america, even in the efforts of those which preached the Gospel of Jesus. As a country our objectives have not always been above board and if we do not acknowledge that we've been mis-informed we will fail to see the consequences of blindly going along with the ex-sperts with political/corporate goals attached to what they advise.
"for a little while" is our time; a time of strong delusion(Rev20:3); a time when lies are being taught as truth.
To hide spiritual insight and Christ-like influences upon indigenous peoples, here in the americas, before Columbus, much deception and destruction of culture has occurred so that our time be not seen as it should.
More important to our time is understanding that the Indigenous Peoples of the americas hold to the knowledge that the Great Spirit's Healer Walked among them and warned them of the colonial invasion, saying of the invaders:
"They are but hungry unenlightened children, and with them the vision closes." (Hansen 1963,Pg43, He Walked the Americas)
(update April 2019) There may be deception at work in the criticism or suppression of these references from ancient America.

My thoughts on a specific detail in this book

(Update Feb. 2023) The Voyage to The Promise Land of the Saints by St. Brendan, 564 AD. His Destination,, The Americas,, The Wilderness where Persecuted Peoples fled from all directions,, Such as the Eagle Clan from the west,, and the Lost Warriors of Carthage from the east..

There are discoveries that seem to bring forward information which opens avenues for Alternative American History , which may have withstood the harshness of time and the harshness of critics examining The Tucson Artifacts. But are these just another attempt to solidify the claims upon America under the pretense of the Doctrine of Discovery?

Among the deceptions which cause systemic marginalization of America's original cultures, are claims by educational institutions and the sciences who advanced the fiction: that no civilized culture existed in America before Columbus. There is no truth to such an idea. Such an idea was born out of intent to protect Doctrine of Discovery claims, to maintain exploitation rights over the land and its 1st nations people.
The volume of evidence which contradicts the modern fiction of no advanced culture in the Americas would fill the vaults of many museums, and it does. Many books outline the evidence. Among them are "Mystic Symbols" by Henrietta Mertz, but the easiest to read is "The Lost Tribes of the Book of Mormon" by Phyllis Carol Oliver. (But there may be Jesuit deception at work in these references of ancient America along with other agendas).

A series of symbols found on slabs or plates "IH/" have a close similarity to what is found on the seal of Vatican (IHS) and the Jesuit order. Rome's significant control can be seen throughout the early years of the America's. What was portrayed as an effort of conversion, can be viewed as a scouting mission for the Pope and his friends of Loyola. Some of The signers of the US Constitution, Adams and Jefferson had little good to say about the Jesuits. But that may be expected, since 2/3rds were Masons, both eating away at the two ends of the same loaf of bread. Something is not being told in the generic story about the Jesuits or the founders. The Enemy Within! Jesuits, Freemasons, The Black Pope
700 Years Banking Cabal by William Stuart

We may be well served by a review of the vision given to John on the Isle of Patmos hundreds of years earlier for in one portion he is shown a woman given two great wings to fly into the wilderness where she is nourished for long period. The dragon is outraged as the earths helps her so he pursues her offspring.
In the one-sided narrative of American history, we are not treated to details about the Catholic Church and her marriage with paganism through ritual and symbol. Destruction of true Christians, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ, without the deification of Mary and the Babylonian attachments, can be see in the oath of the Jesuits. And now that the Catholic church has signed an agreement with Islam we can see more clearly the role that they have chosen.
A person need not look much further than the political and legal tools used by america's beast-like system (which feeds on the disadvantaged) to see the simple clues which expose the truth of suppressed evidence for an alternate history of cultures in the Americas. Anglo-American manipulation of the political system and a persistent distorted psychology of disrespect for people of color or non-conformists has undermined america's capability to rise to its full potential, far above the fear and greed based attitudes behind what has been orchestrated over the first 240 years of U.S. history. No good outcome will ever result from perpetuating the lies of U.S. history. Our future depends on keeping truth and justice as the highest standard in operation throughout the Americas, specifically the u.s. where constitutional protections are supposed to exist. Others are learning bad behavior from us and it must stop. Our right to assemble peacefully has been undermined by distorted attitudes of public safety. It would seem that some in positions of authority are attempting to provoke conflicts, in doing so they reveal the corruption that is a rip-current to their humanity. In Vietnam where free-fire zones were established soldiers were told to shoot anything that moves. Under other circumstances, if someone was running away they were assumed to be the enemy. It would seem that that same mentality came home and is lurking behind some badge-holders which do not respect our constitutional rights. Most people have probably heard that if you run from a dog it will trigger a predatory instinct to pursue. We might want to remember this as we peacefully seek solutions to bring about change toward advancing our nation to its fullest potential that benefits everyone.

We have but one life to live, lets pursue truth as our national goal. We are in the time of deceptions. Testing of our cultural sensitivity and spiritual compass has been underway since america's colonization began and much injustice has occurred. Deception or exclusion of initial influences upon the human condition has lead to dismissing or ignoring our country's condition and mis-direction. Yet for a little while, and then comes God's determination of how well we learned to be peace makers who can live by faith toward what has created life rather than in fear of destruction of life. We are more than flesh and blood and our time of learning has many distractions, don't let them obscure sensitivity to what draws our hearts towards love and brings peaceful solutions to our existence.

Seasonal note: Remember Jesus Christ in Death and Resurrection , not in birth, as was practiced before his time when many gods were imagined as the forces behind celestial chaos that threatened mankind's existence on a planet that was once far different than it is presently.