Discharge-Pattern pics Album 1
These are images from low energy discharges between my finger and a CRT screen. Power was cycled on and off and in each mode the screen checked for interactions with my finger. These first images show patterns which occured with power off.
Fiberglass Spider discovery To larger image
This discharge was unexpected since the power was off. A large amount of material lept off the screen and sometime in the process this spidery feature developed. Just after my finger passed over the screen this is how it appeared. note that in the next image the spiders have grown in sized and become more defined.
Spiders accumulated material to their core and legs Look through TPOD-article series on Martian Spiders
The spiders became more defined as time progressed. Compare with the previous image. The dark area is how things looked several minutes before this image was taken. This image doesn't do the detail justice. Your eyes would see more relief than is shown in this image taken through a mono-lensed camera.
Go to larger image and various links thunderbolts.info article and image
This is the positive phase go to ...../negavtive-spider_phase.html to see the earlier phase of spider development. This discharge to dirt on an energized crt is a perfect match of one seen on Jupiter's moon Ganymede.
European Space Agencies Stereo images Thunderbolts.info  Article
Take note of the radial features in the discharge pic of patterns in dust on a portable tv. Another pattern that matches many seen on Mars is the Lichtenberg Pattern.

Album 2 Negative spiders  Image comparison