I'll give you a quick rundown and go into depth later.

Dry air is hard on our system and may cause problems for our bodies natural mechanism to deal with contaminants that we breath. Keeping out lungs and upper breathing passages slightly humidified provides an exit fluid which can carry away irratants that have made their way past our other defenses as explained at www.para-az.com/gravityflush.html.

As an outcome of a recent severe battle with respiratory distress which would have sent a normal person running to the hospital, i learned what may be an important consideration for the ejectionion of deep invasion of dust and other irritants. I began to use a $3.00 dust mask with an exhalation vent while trying to get a handle on the inhalation of some toxic dust which was raised during a floor repair. I quickly became aware of the need to cough more often but it wasn't the dry cough i had been enduring. within a week i could again take deep breaths and no longer had a pain in the chest when i breathed.

At an early stage in the battle against what felt like a brick in my lungs i took my usual measure of extreme gravity flush, done from my knees with head lowered. I could only take that for a short period but i noticed that i the morning, after spending the night with my face covered to manage inhalation of dry air, i found that after a couple of coughs i'd have clear breating. As the day proceeded breathing and exhausting the irritants became more difficult. Once i started to wear a face mask the change in respiratory comfort was quite nnoticable. Proper wearing of the face mask is necessary and the ones i bought were too small. The mask needs to ride very high on the nose and i found that putting it under my chin would always take it out of position so i started placing the lower part of the mask above the jaw line, that helped to keep my nostrils from getting crunched, picture available. Remember,,,, your nose is the only filtration device against the particulates we are constantly swimming through. Be a disciplaned breather, God help the people who have to talk alot.

Give these consideration a try, hopefully this will help

I'll go into more detail in the days ahead.

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