Ground2Air Theater

Drive-by WIFI link Almost Established
Once established, Video files will be viewable from the comfort of your car.

Please Avoid Puddles --- To HELP REDUCE Gravel Transport

Online G2A Videos from "dz-G2A-Theater"

Ugetube & very old stuff on u-tube "SkydiveAzG2A"

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IP info coming soon.
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Other Projects

abstract-fabrication to re-task various packaging items to serve our needs rather than serve as fill for an industrial pocketbook or a dirt grave.


Retasked Organizer

Special tools
Patterns are clues,,,,,


Need parts or tools??
Plastics are solid fuel.

More details soon.

Dust Problems??

Gritty hands?

Try stretch-nylon material wipes.

Five gallon buckets being re-tasked as a portable washing machine, with a spin cycle.
Variable spin rate too.

Next in spin-view. Be sure hook stays centered.
PVC "T" agitator.

To pour fluids without the undesirable effect of surface-tension-diversion,
there is required a better design of the rim or the usage of some adaptation at the rim, so you can pour at near dribble-rate without a mess.
The adapter, added in right image, works for most consumable fluids and is easily installed, even when the cup is very hot. It is a split rim from a Cup-O Noodles container.

A division of Abstract-Fabrication