How to differentiate between the electtric process responsible for the formation of planetary features

To further demonstrate the mass-lifting process associated with an electricly charge body and electrical interaction, i have this recent feature and a series of experiments with the low-power flyback setup to offer some important observations about material thickness and material being torn away before an arc is established, once an arc connects the lifting process stops until contact is again lost. An arc has limits but electro-lifting force is proportional to body size.] More observations are necessary to bring all that happened to form this beautiful feature, complete with a couple arc penetrations at the end of the pass and numerous craters made after the mass of material was lifted.
See the recent video on u-tube, user "dahlenaz07", clip; v=3m3Cfnp2zPA.

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And for you 3D enthusiasts this image is offered

As a follow-up observation on the resulting appearance between electro-lifted masses of material and features formed by an arc-mode discharge, i present these two images to show that a distunguishing difference can be seen by the presence of material left behind when an arc does the excavation. While in contrast, the feature made by massive electro-lifting gives a clean swept appearance across the floor..

This is a huge detail to keep in mind when looking at the Martian features and surrounding surface.

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