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Plasmaglyphs' note-pad

New Developments

Lightening Scarred Earth Video:Thunderbolts Project

Potentially Supportive Experiments

Experiment during Exhibit at Thunderbolts Conference 2017

Electro-magnetically Lifted Features 8-18-2017

Plate simulates planetary surface

Features on lower surface of Probe after last pass.
Probe simlates dust-storm, terminous boundary, moon or intruding body
See Phobos and Mars

Videos on Youtube channel "dahlenaz07" or participate in ESS'-2017TEU Experiments
In support of The Electric Universe and The Thunderbolts Project.

August 2017

Electro-mass-lifting gets another boost during unplanned experiment.
See 2012 experiments for other example

Exhibiting at Thunderbolts Conference in Phoenix Aug 17-20, 2017

Directory of Larger Images and there are also Videos on youtube at "dahlenaz07"

April 2016
Pitted surface of an electrically scarred rock on Earth provides direct clues for evaluation of features seen on Mars and Vesta revealing an electrical process behind their formation.

July 2015
Electro-magnetic action of electric-wind filaments and experimental crater formation

Higher quality video

February 2014
Arc-burned-Wood May Coax conditions for inverted arc
across rim of excavated area and offer location for accumulation of material
along arc-tendrils in hanging-dendritic fashion.

Late 2012
An adjustment is being made to the presentation above to bring in a recent photo which shows an exact match on Mars to the star-like features made by electric discharge between two dust covered CRT surfaces. The overview of this info is located here


See videos from dahlenaz07 on you-tube,, (presently techno-tarded to the max).

Excavation of material by massive electro-lifting
See also experiments of 2012 showing corona excavation along conductor, an extension of 2011 experiments,
with the added observations which may account for dendritic ridge systems.

Previous Development 2011
CRT experiments2011 replicate corona as ruffles along ridge
Followed up with NPA12 Expo of Experiments
Arc-discharges through Dust on CRT surface makes Planetary-like Features

Parallel Grooves like those in Martian crater and canyons, More Mercury-like Negative spiders,
Hexagonal features in plasma made during CRT interaction with other device,
Clue to Hexagonal Craters from CRT experiment.

2009 and 2010 ----- Hydraulic cratering and more

Electric-wind formation of craters seen in 3D video.
See other videos from the same test of 3D video setup, user name 'dahlenaz07'.

The effort underway to document experiment results with stereo photography
is producing some very interesting results.
>Here are some of the results< gleened from footage of previous experiments.

Previously (and not yet in stereo)

Passing Current through sand in Saltwater solution.

Further explanation and more images

Dahlenaz07 Item on Youtube
Slide show of images from capacitor plate discharge experiment

Further explanation of video will be found here when underway.

Click here to find an older video of depositing material.

Item In progress: Waters of the Great Deep.
Translating to serve ones own world view
can lead people down a path of confusion.

From earlier this year

Poster 08 from start to finish
Mercury spider feature matches results
from electric discharge experiments with CRT.


Previously: Electrostatic Macro-Bursts-On-Mars

Returning item: Bolt from Below
Consideration of the Tunguska Event from an electrical perspective and
substorm events of a self-scarring planet.

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