About electric discharge disturbances and the scars which result.

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Parallel Grooves and Ridges formed on a CRT with Electric Discharge

In Russell crater there are mysterious features which may have have found a counterpart in CRT experiments.
These were formed by two types of discharges to the artifical ridge made by the piece of metal. About a year ago a similar looking
image from electrical discharge artwork was shared with thunderbolts.info as potential evidence on this mystery.
You'll see a similar type of parallel grooves and ridges in Hebes canyon.
See their presentation to hear more about these and other planetary features.

These are from CRT experiments which can be watched here


Dune-grooves Dome-grooves

BUT,, you can also get grooves through vibration, see image below.

Vibration Grooves from plate experiment

These electrostatic artwork images are from the book Electrostatic Experiments G.W. Francis.


New session of experiments, of late 2012 add other details to the Hebes Canyon observations
as well as Electro-lifting of masses of material to form features through dark-discharge (electric wind) and electromagnetic forces.

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