Lightening Scarred Earth Andrew Hall's Video Explanation at Thunderbolts Project

CRT Experiment Provides Potentially Supporting Results

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David Rovics 9/11 evaluation: Was it another Lusitania or a Reichstag fire? The 9/11 cover-up!

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Surface-discharge Experiments for Corona patterns
Earlier surface-currents expriments ---------->
Forum Discussion: Valles Marineris
Wal Thornhill's Corona Statement

   Two types of coronal imprinting in
<----- Valles Marineris limbs ----->

Experiment for left limb
Hanging-Dendritic Accumulations
Electrodynamic Sculpting of Mars
Self-scarring Planet
"They are transverse to the arc because they record the corona discharge filaments associated with lightning. The same effect seems to have solidified the soil along the ridge crests into �Lichtenberg figures,� which is another characteristic pattern created by lightning." Wal Thornhill 2003 (re-visited 2014)

Electro-dynamic experimentation, non-CRT surfaces, planetary-like features.

All images, details and content associated with this phase of experiments is confidential, not for disclosure, except as has been made available for private discussions or general presentation through unlisted links to my videos and images.
Usage of all earlier images should have already been accompanied by appropriate linking to the effort and related group efforts and experimenters, including "dzparker".

At this time Some results from these experiments are available for public preview, but only as has been initiated by me.
Others will be added here as examination of those results are determined to be useful in an effort to check precise comparison with many scales of planetary features. These images are limited usage items, subject to permissions, and used in appropriate context.

Pre-conference runs

Experiment 1, Friday
Lower: Base-plate feature

Experiment 3, Sunday

Lower: Base-Plate feature

See also spin-view, utube: dahlenaz07
Upper: Feature on Dome-probe
Feature on dome-probe(passed over base-plate)
Oriented to direction of travel

Special Images - 3D pairs

Thanks go out to: Jean, Mike and Susan


From earlier experiments with the same general setup the following features were created through electro-mass lifting.

2012 2012

Other images to follow soon or go to Field-force Electro-mass-lifting