Considerations on The fountains of the great deep

An imporatant detail toward understanding many details of ancient history involves resolving the story about the fountains of the great deep and their sudden and catastrophic release. Consequential geologic transformation and the effect on the human population can be followed in detail through certain passage from the Hebrew text. The sudden arrival of ice to entomb the mammoths and many other creatures is also a component of this scenario. Continental spreading and sea level changes are also involved. Knowledge of remote lands and human migration come into this picture as well.
In the time of Peleg the earth was divided by water. This occured many years after the time of Noah so the timeframe gives much room for exploration/migration and an awareness of what has happened to the world before it changes again into what we know of today as regards sea level, geography and climate. In this time many post-flood lakes would empty. The earth's axis would be seeking a new equalibrum as a consequence of the relocation of continental masses and the accumulation of ice at the poles. The world is no longer the widely habitable place that it had been formerly.
The geological characteristics of the earth before this time cannot be fully appreciated without realizing that the earth was not some isolated body in the middle of space but it existed under the influence of other bodies and electrical process were at play in its formation and transformation. Additionally, we have a clue that it had not yet the rugged topography we have today and its substructure had features which cannot fully be evaluated as they were because much upheaval has left those details hidden amoung many others.

Much detail will need to be added here so I'll leave that to the work of others who have introduced me to certain concepts which seem valid in part and are included here as references for where I draw certain details. Amoung them are:

    The work of Walter Brown on the Hydroplate Theory. This reference I only use with regards to evidence for a global flood and his theory to explain the appearance of earth's continental masses.

    The work of many in the catastrophist community is intrumental toward an
    understanding of our Electric/plasma universe. You should follow the links he provides to other scientific resources.

    You can also get a grasp of the plasma universe at

What follows is interaction in midstream on the characteristics and effects of high energy
electrical discharges and the results from lab experiments.

From a discussion with Bert Hickman, i was given the impression that the discharges in the Captured lightening experiments cause the discharge channel to become fractured or even eroded in cavernous form. I recall this mentioned in a TPOD. In grand scale i expect the channels to be structurally solid and, to their depths, become a path for surface drainage. My point being that if discharges are involved at the formative phase of a planet and during the subsequent events, then subterranean chambers that would house great volumes of water would not be too far fetched and on the same note they would also be vulnerable to collapse and expulsion of those housed fluids. This would lend support to legends about the waters of the great deep being released .
These channels could also become vents of other semi-fluids or liquids such as magma.

Conflicting Ideas

    Dwardu Cardona: Author of several books portraying his views on the ancient story,
    gave his take on the notion presented above in a forum discussion.
    His reply here by permission.

    "I'm just going to say this once, and then I'll let it be—and, please, do not be offended. But I think, perhaps, you had better omit mention of the Biblical "great deep" in relation to the above because, whether you believe it or not, the "great deep" was celestial in nature, and had absolutely nothing to do with terrestrial or oceanic waters."

I am very sure that his view contradicts the written text and i base that on his own writings in God Star where he mis-applies the word 'mayim' and neglects other words used in the sentence, but Mayim is so vaguely used that it cannot be emphasised alone without inclusion of other words and their meaning. In the sentence under consideration, where the hebrew text I'm seeing and involving the other words, it uses mayanah
which gives greater clarity as to the source and characteristic. Usages of the word mayanah refer to terrestrial bodies of water either above or below ground.

    The words, 'mayanah rab tehome', are those used in the text to describe the waters of the great deep, and they are translated as a "spring or fountain" of "abundence" " an abyss (surging mass of water) or deep (main sea or subterranean waters)".
    I truely believe that these ancient people could distinguish between water and air and whatever is beyond in the heavens and it is clear by thier use of an entirely different word for the heavens, Shamayim.

    The word mayim speaks only of water; figuratively juice;
    by euphamism urine, semen: -+ piss,wasting, water(-ing[-course, -flood, -spring]).
    Not at all relating to what he suggests.

We are faced with the choice of taking the ancients at their word and accept that they had the common sense to be able to distinguish between earth and space or we can do like so many modern researchers, over the last few centuries, have done to ancient cultures, the marginalization of their understanding, even their intelligence. Since the mid 1800's science has become all about dogma and concealing the hoof prints of brutal conquerers. We live in a time when popular world views drive science rather than truth and respect.

Will we also fall into that mold of self-interest-driven interpretation?

We need to carefully consider the past and keep modern philosophical influences from destroying the evidence. Some of that evidence is physical but other forms will emerge from words and how they are used in sentences. Here we might go to scholars to sort through the details of language but that road is a very trecherous one because the manipulation of language and meanings of words remains as an effective tool for the manipulation of the masses, a sword that cuts deep to the sole on manknid. Time and the ancient story would be far better served if we would let them speak for themselves and leave it at that. I'll get into this more because it involves factions in groups of scholars and which group won the popular consensus many years ago, and we should know by now that reality is not determined by consensus.

Here i must shift focus to the physics that might be involved in the formation of a planetary body during its cooling off period. I will be attempting to stay focused on the formation of vapors and their condensation into various regions of the earths crust. Along this line of thinking, the cooling of crustal materials will be emphasised in addition to the gradual cooling of the crust's substructure. We must remember that the crust had to have cooled off in stages and that this cooling involved surface conditions and the recapture of condensed fluids from the surface and from the cooled ceilings of subsurface areas. In this process we can look at many examples of how vapor condenses to form rain but that would be looking at only one side of the process and would be looking at only the obvious rather than looking at all the details available. One detail can be experienced in some regions more than others, in large scale, because of the presence of cave structures and a dramatic heating and cooling cycle of the air and surface material in a daily cycle. But before going further into those observations we need to reflect back to ancient references of the earth's structure to keep these thought into the context of this explanation. How was the earth's structure described in ancient texts? And how might we verify the ancients understanding of earth-processes to lend a sense of specificity to the words they use to describe it's structure.

Working from the second question, first, we can see in the building construction certain details which involve an isolation of the element of rain and wind from interior rooms, the collection of a necessary resource, water, and its storage. Add to this the likly purification of that water through the condensation process. Where did they learn of this process? Most likely from their familiarity with subteranian rooms where they could see the process first hand on the ceiling and caves. The earth may not have nearly as many caves, in the aftermath of many catastrophic event, as it once had. The earth was described in one of several sources as being without form and void. There is no reason, beyond our own world view, to not accept this statement as being descriptive of an earth with few dramatic surface features and with caverneous characteristics on large enough scale to cause such a general notation. Keep in mind that we are talking about an earth that was either orbiting as a moon in close proximity to its parent body or it was smaller in diameter, or possibly both. The consequence, a reduced gravity, would lend itself to the formation of a porus structure as the earth cooled. By now you can start to form in your mind a picture of a cooling exterior shrouded in a vapor and the condensation of those vapors to water the land. That condensation will still flow under the influence of gravity and pressure and then it will enter the heated subteranian regions where it will be reheated, vaporized and expelled, probably violently, as can be imagined from this image of mars or countless examples from earth, such as Yellow Stone's gysers. Not all of the condensation escapes to the atmosphere, some will condense out and travel along cooler surfaces and penetrate, as a coolant, to the areas around the heated crustal regions. You might ask why does a vapor emerge as a visible steam, the answer, surface cooling as it makes its way to be vented to the atmosphere where further cooling causes more steam, visible water, clouds. In the present, those regions are under different conditions but they may not have always been under such confined conditions.

There are several physical principles we need to apply here. One is an increase to the boiling point of water as pressure increases. Another is that heat is absorbed by cool surfaces. Another is that fluids will adhear to surfaces through surface tension, this includes the collection of droplets into larger droplets and here again gravity rules in where those droplets go. So now we are not talking about rain, but rather, the collection of fluids into subteranian chambers. If they are heated to any degree the water will cool them and the material will contract during that cooling process, contraction of the floor away from the ceiling make for a larger barrier of isolation between the condensing vapors and the heat source. The environment becomes and isolated region that causes localized cooling, further contraction and larger voids. Voids that became a place of familiarity to those who carried forward the ancient stories.

We need to not loose focus on the earths neighborhood during that time and the probable effect upon earth's gravity because when that neighborhood went down the tubes, the earth's structure would now be ruled by a whole new set of variables, gravity would increase and along with that so would other pressures on the surface, crustal failure would have been a safe prediction.

More details to be added in the coming days.

References: so far and more to come

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    2. Strongs Concordence of the Bible
    3. Geneva Bible and the foot notes
    4. One of several word study points, Ezekiel 27:3 8-9 uses the same words as mentioned above, and in the context of ocean voyages.

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