Update 2015
Catastrophism re-enters mainstream!!!
Planets can change orbits rapidly

Thumb through many of the images from the various experiments. Also partly as a slideshowof rather large images. (not a quick download)

View the newest results of 2011 and a slider show as well.

This page is related to a presentation on electric discharge to a dust covered CRT and the planetary features which result.

Item on Youtube

Slide show of images from capacitor plate discharge experiment (watch?v=dXrA0vCUD14)

And here is a 3D view

Click here to find an older video of depositing material.

Further explanation of video will be found here when underway.

Item In progress: Waters of the Great Deep.
Translating to serve ones own world view
can lead people down a path of confusion.

From earlier this year

Poster 08 from start to finish
Mercury spider feature matches results
from electric discharge experiments with CRT.


Previously: Electrostatic Macro-Bursts-On-Mars

Returning item: Bolt from Below

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