This is a warning to every buyer of Tru-vue film strips.

These film strips are made as a lamination of two thin strips of material. A very thin transparancy is laminated to a thicker material which has the cogs. Watch out for delamination!!!!!! Ask the seller about delamination.

If there is any evidence of delamination, do not unroll the strip, it may expand the delamination, which is evident by the end of the strip looking crinkley or smokey. The strip may also look very relaxed at it's end. Be sure to ask the seller about this condition. Once the delamination begins it may not be stopable. It also may not be repairable and the film strip is definately not usable.

Whatever was used to hold the two layers together seems to have a shelf life or be sensitive to certain conditions. The failure of adhesives over time my a grim reality for these stereo photography film strips.

If you have any information on this problem and any solutions please pass it on to me. I will look into this problem for solutions and place any at my stereo page and here.

Thanks for passing this info on. dzg2a